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What Are The Application of Titanium in Sports Equipment?

Mar. 27, 2018

Titanium earliest applied to the bicycle in 1980's, the frame is mainly composed of industrial pure titanium and Ti - 6al4V, Ti -3al-2.5V titanium alloy pipe. The USA Li - tespeed company produce titanium frame dare includes processing of 1.5 kg on average. Use of titanium and titanium alloy in an Italian company manufacturing competition in various parts of bicycle. Include: the pin of speed encapsulated, left-handed nut. Crank shaft, front and rear wheels valley without pin shaft, left and right pedal shaft, etc.  In recent years, titanium bicycle gets the fast development in our country.

When more and more riders are beginning to understand the benefits of titanium alloy, but due the price expensive and deterred . Ti-3Al-2.5V with aviation materials of titanium tube frame, in the past few years of industrial pure titanium and other car popular made of titanium alloy, its price is comparely lower, but made of pure titanium frame strength is not enough, the surface is less than titanium alloy made. Ti - 3 al - 2.5 V at present is the most ideal material titanium bike rack, its formability, fatigue resistance, and ductility can achieve performance of the exercise bike, Ti - 3 al - 2.5 V yield strength is less than Ti - 6al-4 V, but the Ti - 6al-4 V processing has a lot of the difficulty of the small diameter of the pipe, so rarely used. Current global production of titanium bicycle frame and the vehicle, are allprofessional factory, 95% titanium bike rack from titanium.

According to statistics, 16% to 20% of the total titanium used for sports leisure products, is the third largest titanium application,. Sports equipment, titanium is used for: golf clubs, ball head, tennis rackets, badminton, fencing protective mask, sword, sprint shoes nails, mountaineering tools, snowboarding, skiing, ski pole, ice skates, diving suit, fishing tackle, tent pole, etc.