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difference of Titanium screw with the traditional screw

May. 04, 2018

Titanium screw with the traditional screw different : titanium screws and stainless steel, iron, copper screw is the same, just material is titanium, titanium materials are commonly gr2 pure titanium and titanium alloy gr5 material. Titanium screw raw material is more expensive, is also very beautiful, seems to arts and crafts, corrosion resistance. titanium and titanium screws comparely has a high price.

As a feedstock for the production of titanium screw element, titanium is a kind of highly reactive metal, compared with the traditional stainless steel, titanium screw has better flexibility and oxidation resistance.Wide range of applications in various industries. Ordinary stainless steel screws in a high-pressure environment compared with titanium screws, titanium screws compressive ability is stronger, so in the aerospace of metal, all choose titanium alloy screw, the titanium screws as one of the fastenings.