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The Identification Methods and Guidelines For Use of Titanium Products

Mar. 27, 2018

Titanium distinguish method is simple, titanium products on the market more and more, we are the most common is glasses, watches, necklaces and other accessories, and health care, construction, electricity, industry, and so on, also often can see the figure of titanium.

To distinguish between titanium or very be necessary, here are a few common titanium identification methods:

1. Titanium is not magnetic, identification can be tested with the magnet.

2. Conductive performance is different, different metal conductive performance is different, test the electrical conductivity of the metal is easy to judge the metal components.

3. General titanium appear white or silver,and extremely easy oxidation, have self-healing function, so even in the best of stainless steel could not compare with titanium stainless of features.

Currently used metals to human body, some have special requirements, like some metals are not suitable for close and the human body, easy to cause some allergic disease, or cancer, and so on.

Mark, cannot treat as the same, and we are at the time of metal identification, need special attention.

At present the common titanium, everyone in the market also is given priority to with titanium alloy, pure titanium products is not many, although titanium is very good, but in many places do not need so good metal, but often different titanium alloy were different

Features even more widely than pure titanium application domain, so in the process, we use according to their own needs, choose suitable for their own use of titanium products.